BeautyMaker Love Pu Pu Cheek

A good blush can completely change up your makeup look! The BeautyMaker Love Pu Pu Cheek gives your skin a radiant glow, just like being in love!

Do you skip out on blush in your makeup routine? Are you afraid of your cheeks looking too flushed?

With the BeautyMaker Love Pu Pu Cheek, you can achieve a natural flush of colour without looking too over the top! Not only are they cute, they also come with 2 shades in one tin!

These blushes come in three selections. For deeper, warmer skin tones, try out Orange Happiness for a radiant, coral flush. If you’re looking for lighter shades, try out Pink Lover for a sweet pink shade, or Sweet Ladies for cute, peachy flush.



The great thing about these blushes is that you can use them for both blush and highlight! Use the deeper, colourful shade on the apples of your cheeks to instantly give your cheeks a radiant complexion, and use the shimmery highlight shade on the top of your cheekbones for some extra definition. These blushes also come with their own puff for easy application, and they’re great for touching up on the go!

These blushes have added skincare benefits, includng primrose oil and amino acids to keep your skin soft, smooth and glowy.

What are you waiting for? Get these simply adorable Love Pu Pu Cheeks now!

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